I'm pretty sure I got robbed. (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Friday, July 24, 2020, 16:53 (13 days ago)

I activate Golden Gun, head into B. I miss the first guy, but no worries - I get him with the second shot. There's a guy way up in the air - I hit him. Wait - that only took off half his health! What the...? Oh, he was getting ready to launch a Nova Bomb, and he was invulnerable. (Mostly.) Okay - my bad, it's gonna kill me, but at least I can take him with me! I point the gun back up, and take one last shot. He's done throwing the NB, but he takes ZERO damage from that second shot!

Robbed, I tell ya.

(Yeah, yeah. I stepped through it frame by frame, and I was off on that last shot - I got fooled by the crosshairs placed on his body by Foetracer, and I missed him. Totally my fault... but it still feels bad.)

Mostly this was posted because of the half-health status after the first golden gun shot. I'm used to super animations making people invincible... but not 'a little bit' invincible. This was weird. :)

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