Now THAT... (Destiny)

by Morpheus @, High Charity, Saturday, August 01, 2020, 15:40 (214 days ago) @ ZackDark

There are quite a few recipes that seem simple enough (I'm going to post some pictures later, but it's so cute—recipes have an easy difficulty, labeled with an Adventure icon, medium is labeled with a strike, and Hard is a raid! lol(Well, it should be—in reality it's a strange triangle shape, disappointing)) but there are a lot of them with ingredients I've never even heard of. There's even a few pages in the beginning with a description/storage instructions for some of the more...exoticseasonings. You're not gonna find those in any Heroic strikes, that's for sure. And speaking of exotics, there are actually a handful of recipes named after Exotic weapons! I wondered for the longest how Bungie would tackle something like that—you can't really tell what a gun tastes like without some really horrible results. My curiosity was finally answered—they're drink mixes!

Haven't read it end to end yet, but it's seemingly filled with lore, and the pictures are BREATHTAKING.

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