What if the Content Vault isn’t about file space? (+Edit) (Destiny)

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Came across this very interesting article by the decently involved, lore-smart Paul Tassi today. In it, he links to a video of someone who supposedly attended one of those Bungie/Content Creator meetings where he claims that Luke Smith straight up said it’s about tearing out the old, buggy Destiny content and rebuilding the game to be better.

He talks about an eight hour meeting with content creators that Luke Smith had last fall talking about both the content vault and a potential Destiny 3, and while this sounds like something he may not technically be able to talk about (better check that NDA), the info’s out there now.

Luke Smith explained to the group the idea that Destiny was full of so many bugs and so hard to develop for because it essentially needed to be rebuilt. And that the purpose of the content vault isn’t just about saving hard drive space, it’s that these planets and activities are being rotated out of the game in order to be “rebuilt” in a way that suggests a new process or new engine, in order to be returned to the game later in a “better” form.

One question Smith posed to the group was “well why do you actually want a Destiny 3?” and the group listed off a bunch of things like more RPG aspects and new, larger areas, and he said all that stuff would be possible if they just “refreshed” Destiny 2 in this planned way with content vault in and out rotation. And that’s why we have at least three more years of Destiny 2 ahead of us with three expansions already listed.

I haven’t watched the video yet, and won’t be able to for a few hours (so someone should do that...) but the idea is intriguing. Rebuild Destiny in place... starting with the Cosmodrome? If anything, I find it hard to believe. And, if it is true, I’d be pretty unhappy if that grand plan is only shared with Content Creators. Heck, that Content Creators supposedly know while fans like us are slowly leaving Destiny behind for good is... upsetting.

But if it’s true, wound that be interesting? I’d love a better Destiny! (I just doubt we’ll get one.)

Interesting. I've been having these thoughts myself. A fair bit of the 1st years content wasn't made in house, so supporting it is possibly more of a Discovery in how things were built than Bungie would like. I had seen that video come across my feed, but I've yet to watch it as... well, the title of it already kind of felt like a given to me. But, seeing as it's here now, I'll give it a look.

Edit: Alrighty. Well, the linked article is basically the readable version of this video. Only thing to really add is an air of of "Bungie, stop with the wink wink bull and be up front already", of which... do I have to say anything?

For me, as I expected, most of this felt like a given. For game-dev, you don't just throw away content, unless it's broken or causing things to break (in a way that is unwanted). It's free real estate! Anything you don't have to spend time on and helps make up a space is gravy! Plus! This is BUNGIE! Reusing assets is bread and butter! Why do you think we have so many "Bosses" that are just reg units that are just Bigger? It saves time to work on other parts of the game. It's all about that return in investment.

As for "Destiny 3"? Well, Luke is right (for once?)... especially with the framework Destiny has. They could just keep the name and ... whatever. Game keeps re-inventing its self as whatever requirements demand. What they will lose though by not adding that 3 is a sort of mental containerization. Your results may very, but its... the satisfaction of closing one book, going "YES! I Finished it!", then moving to the next book of a series. It's... perhaps not so much accomplishment but... whatever it is, it's good. It's a "progress", instead of a hamster wheel, which BOY OH BOY Destiny sure feels like far more then it should sometimes. More then sometimes.

With out that, will all of this just kind of... run together? I don't know.



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