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"Each Stasis subclass in Beyond Light will give players the ability to customize abilities like grenades, movement modes, class abilities, and so on with. In addition, we’ve added new layers of customization with the addition of Aspects and Fragments.

Aspects manifest as physical items in the world (such as a crystallized Vex conflux or a robotic Fallen arm, for example). When slotted in, Aspects will offer players new abilities, among other effects. These abilities can be mixed and matched freely by the player. Many Aspects will have space for Fragments to be slotted in. Fragments are also physical items you can discover in the world that, when applied to Aspects, offer additional passive perks such as stat bonuses that may come with penalties. Aspect upgrades are unique to each Stasis subclass, while Fragment slots are class agnostic; how players combine these two different types of upgrades will lead to a range of customization options."

{edit}: Nevermind; I'm confused.

There are two layers of customization here, but only for Stasis classes?

So the Solar/Arc/Void subclasses don't get Aspects and Fragments.

Are we talking a full nine new subclass options, assuming Stasis is the first of 3 Darkness elements?

Or is the Aspects/Fragments system an iteration on the nine-specific-subclasses-per-Class setup we have for the Light elements, just more flexible?


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