Digital Store pulls (Gaming)

by Claude Errera @, Tuesday, September 22, 2020, 12:07 (35 days ago) @ Cody Miller

You didn't at all answer Claude's question.

Almost every game from telltale.

They were acquired cheaply by another company (LCG Entertainment), and no longer offer direct support, downloads, or activations for old games. I literally cannot play several of their games that I already own, because the server check is gone and the new company won't support it or give offline activation codes. This was explained to me directly in an email from support.

Ironically, had I bought from Steam instead of direct from the company, I could still be playing them since those versions don't do the same activation. So funnily enough Steam is like the "physical" version in this case… for now.

Hmm. My initial reading of your post was different; I hadn't thought about the Telltale story. (To be fair, my feeling about that story is that those games are playable... once. I bought all of the Walking Dead seasons, and would have been annoyed if between the time I paid for them and the time I played them they'd become inaccessible. Oddly enough, I just checked, and they're letting me install the Xbox 360 versions I have right now on my Xbox One (I haven't done it, so I suppose it's possible that after I install, they'll tell me I can't play, but it LOOKS like they're still available).)

I guess if MS did that (especially for games that were relatively new), I'd be pissed. I'd also be pretty shocked. Slightly different situation, I'd say, though - Bethesda -> MS is on a totally different scale than Telltale -> LCG.


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