So....Snooze & Lose? (Destiny)

by Morpheus @, High Charity, Saturday, September 26, 2020, 09:01 (29 days ago)

I noticed that today's(well, yesterday's) modifiers for the Reckoning were Grenadier, and I was thinking that my Hunter and Titan could use the triumphs for getting grenade kills...so I started up Reckoning on my Hunter...or attempted to. Apparently, my other characters don't have access to the activity(even though my Warlock can do anything). So I only just found out that activity unlocks are not account-wide! So. Completely forgetting how I unlocked Reckoning in the first place, I looked it up—said you had to complete a Gambit Prime match. One miserable loss later, and it still didn't unlock for me. Does this mean since I didn't complete the unlock process three times when it was relevant, I can never play them on my other characters ever? I know they're getting deleted soon, but if my previous question were the case, this must have been going on for years! Anybody have any advice?

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