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But now? Maybe. Maybe just a little bit. It doesn't help that two of the exotics have perks that I have in a "Wouldn't that be cool" list of exotic perks. What? Oh I know I can't be the only one who - in the escape of a task - mentally thought about what would be a cool exotic right? RIGHT!?

Anyway, the two I speak of is the Hunter "Mask of Bakris" where Shift AkA Teleport replaces a physical dodge & the Titan exotic "Precious Scars" where Revive creates shielding aura, though in that exotics case I had it more of a rework of Light Beyond Nemesis. Something to bump up the "I'm the team healer" aspect of Well-lock. Oh well.

Why is Athrys's Embrace a helm? Wouldn't something that buffs knives be more arm based? Eh.

Edit: On Second viewing, it is a arm exotic, but it's so subtle that the presumably Legendary helm looked more exotic to me.

Not currently a fan of the VFX on Mask of Bakris. D1's Shadowstep VFX was better looking. Like they just have the mesh disappear, and then reappear with with some (I presume) cards for a flash or two... and it's just... there is no flare at all. If I had to guess, the timings make options slim, but... COME ON! It's so NOT Hunter-y. Freeking Transmat gets better VFX. The more I watch the part with this the more disappointed I get. There are so many options that have already been made that could be co-oped into this! Look at this! This would have been better alone! ...Gaaaa... ok I'll stop now. (IT BOTHERS ME DANG IT!)

As a Warlock Main, It's really really sad that an exotic is needed for the Dawnblade Super to be usable in PvE. That said, with the addition of "Gain melee energy", I really hope that means they did something for bottom tree as well.

Necrotic Grip could be absolutely NUTS! Maybe. Possibly.

TL;DR: My poor poor vault.

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