OLED TV burn-in (Off-Topic)

by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Monday, December 21, 2020, 14:18 (273 days ago)
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First let me say that I do not regret buying a my LG B7. I've yet to see a TV that really rivals its picture, although I'm sure newer models do so on the margins (and surely 8K will or does or something--my eyes are only so good at this point). I love movies as well as gaming, so I wanted the best I could get within reason. I wanted those inky blacks, and I got them. The perfect contrast ratio was more important to me than brightness.

I got burn-in y'all, which I found using this test video.


On the red screen and yellow screen, you can see a faint thin bar, which is the top border of the lower left Destiny HUD. There's also a faint youtube logo in the top left corner. I'm more surprised by that, actually. I do fall asleep watching videos sometimes, but I usually wake up to a video playing, not the browse screen. There's also some blotchy shadow in the middle of the screen, and I can't tell you where that comes from. That's the only thing that I THINK I've noticed during normal viewing, but all of it is subtle. I could live with it without noticing it 98% of the time, but of course it bothers me.

What to do to fix it? Nothing, it's permanent, but I found out that LG does have a one-time replacement plan for burn-in. I'm getting a new panel for the cost of labor. I'd heard that they have new software that is better at preventing burn-in, but the tech guy on the phone said that that won't work with older TVs, but this screen will be newer, more robust, and less susceptible to burn-in.

Anyway, I thought I'd post here because I know several of you bought LGs in 2017--some bought higher-end models than mine, but all LGs from the B7 up had the same panel.


P.S. Yes, I used the pixel refresher when I thought about it. The guy on the phone said use it twice a week. I'm going to make it a routine when I game.

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