Defeating anything with stasis....nope. (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Sunday, December 27, 2020, 22:38 (140 days ago) @ ManKitten

What am I doing wrong. I have multiple challenges that requiring defeating enemies with stasis powers, melees, supers, whatever and am making zero progress on them. I'm a hunter. My super doesn't kill just freezes them and you can splode them with guns. All these challenges are in gambit or strikes and the enemies are strong enough to survive the freezing. In 3 games of gambit I "killed" one enemy with a stasis super.

Also, what the heck is a champion?? In strikes and empire hunts I've got a bunch of zeros across the board.

George is getting upset!

Okay, I'm a little surprised with the Stasis problems - that super usually does pretty good damage, especially to red-bars (of which there are usually a lot in Gambit). I guess I don't know where you are in the progression of the super - unlike all of the other subclasses, Stasis has extra powers that you can add as you go (well, as you earn them) - Aspects and Fragments. It's possible it only becomes deadly once you start adding those, and you don't have them. (I don't know if you don't have them - I'm just saying that not having them could be an explanation for why it's doing less damage for you than i'd expect.)

I'm fuzzy now on the details, but there's a Born in Darkness quest that earns you both - or at least earns you Fragments, and ACCESS to earning Aspects (which actually come through other quests you pick up weekly from Elsie Bray, once you've advanced Born in Darkness far enough to start earning them).

If you already have these, and you're STILL having trouble - I'm out of ideas. :(

As for Champions:

They're powerful enemies that have been in specific end-game-level activities for the past 4 or 5 seasons. There are three kinds: Barrier, Overload, and Unstoppable.

They're clearly marked in-game, and unless the people you're playing with are killing them REALLY fast without you noticing, you've probably died to a few if you haven't ever killed any.

Barrier Champions put a bubble around themselves after they take a certain amount of damage - if you don't have a weapon that can break the barrier, they will heal to full health inside of it, and you'll have to start over.

Overload Champions are baddies with ADHD - they teleport around, being super-hard to hit until stunned. You can stun them with any gun that's been augmented with an Overload mod. (Well, with a type of gun that's augmented with an Overload mod on your gauntlets.)

Unstoppable Champions are just that - unstoppable. They're often Ogres, but can be other types of baddie - and unless you hit one with an Unstoppable Shot, they will run right over you and kill you. Stun them, and you can do bonus damage to them until the stun wears off.

Most of these mods go on your gloves, and most can be found in your Seasonal Artifact, as unlocks. Some weapons have intrinsic champion-fighting powers; Eriana's Vow can break Barriers, Leviathan's Breath can stun an Unstoppable champion. There are others.

They're worth a lot of points, if you're running an activity that's scored, and they're pretty hard to kill (impossible, in some cases) if you don't have any way to get through their strengths.

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