Hunts have levels? (Destiny)

by squidnh3, Tuesday, January 05, 2021, 13:20 (15 days ago) @ CougRon

Uhm I think I’m behind in everything then. While I’ve been okay with the bounties I haven’t enjoyed the hunts and haven’t tried to do them a lot, mostly enough to get rank currency to reach all the upgrades

I'm not totally sure what your question is, but here's some stuff about the Wrathborn Hunts:

There are 4 different Wrathborn bosses (2 on Tangled Shore, 2 on Dreaming City).

Which one you are hunting corresponds to the same slot in your lure each time. Each hunt drops a legendary (or some other materials) corresponding to the lure mods you input into it. However, you cannot choose which legendary it is. Instead, each lure charge randomly assigns a legendary to each slot (for example, your 4 options might be Linear Fusion - Arms - Class Item - More Tokens). So, if you want a Linear Fusion, you are forced to fight the first boss. If you want a Grenade Launcher, you are forced to burn a charge and hope the Grenade Launcher option will randomly appear in the next charge.

I need a 1260 drop in the arms slot on my Hunter, so I need to do Wrathborn Hunts until that's an option, and then I need to slot that into my lure, and do the High Celebrant mission, which should drop an arms Pinnacle.

In addition to all this, there are also hidden "Tiers" to the Hunts. When you pick which boss/item you want, you can also slot additional mods that can specify Masterworks, exclude weapon perks, or (sort of) increase armor stats. The more additional mods you slot, the higher the "Tier" of the Hunt. This doesn't seem to matter except that some Seasonal Triumphs refer to it. Therefore, if you slot a Class Item, this will automatically make that particular hunt a lower tier because you can't slot any additional mods (it has no stats).

It's all a bit convoluted for not much payoff, but some of the weapons are pretty cool.

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