Victory or Diabetes!—Skyburner's Oath Recipe (Destiny)

by Morpheus @, High Charity, Tuesday, February 09, 2021, 15:14 (15 days ago) @ Vortech

You're absolutely right—and that's actually what happened the first time! I had the heat on too high and it went from flat to ballooning in a flash! It was so fast that even while keeping my eye on it the mixture foamed over and spilled into the burner. The only reason I used a skillet in the video was so that people could see the ingredients being added and so forth. I recently bought a iPhone tripod thing, but it only reaches....like 6 inches high. While I know I can stack it on some books or something and tilt the camera down, this bad boy is very delicate and until I can make sure it's good and stable, the last ingredient I need to add to my pot is a phone. XD

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