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So... with that said, let me tell you about Gunsmith. First here is a picture I took FOR SOME REASON ooOOooOoo... from a site called https://www.d2checklist.com/ (which is a fantastic D.I.M Alternative that isn't as powerful).


Alright... so here is a question for ya what is the Highest possible Range for LAST PERDITION? And if you do that, how much does that effect stability? Or... hey, it's a Pulse, range isn't the issue, let's have say... reload be the focus. What then? What would that look like? Before hand I'd have to click that link I've added in it's name, and had to do that math manually. Now, I just click some buttons and that math shows it's self visually.

By the way, best Range possible on this weapon is 68 without a Masterwork (which pushes it to 77), with a stability of 72. Not bad. Reload speed is 48. Push the reload instead and ... I can make it 84 with masterwork, but the best possible range becomes 59. It's ok, but I'm not sure it's worth the tradeoff.

I use D2Checklist every day, but not for this - I was intrigued by your last paragraph here. I can find out the best stat possible for a particular gun with this interface?

I can't figure out how. :(

Can you be more specific? (I can get to the screen you included pretty easily - with my own gear, of course - but from there, I can only sort highest to lowest in a particular stat category. I can't find anything that shows me what the outside max is.)

Minor misunderstanding of certain contexts. As far as I'm aware, none of the Data Organizers show a range of "what if" statistics, but instead a comparison of the existing kit you have*. I added this image of LAST PERDITION from https://www.d2checklist.com/ as to be an example weapon scenario. (I use checklist a lot myself.)

Thus, this section here is an "what-if" example of how I find https://d2gunsmith.com/ (aka the "Battle Abacus") to be useful. That's where the data from the last paragraph came from. Took less than a minute for find out the data then post it here. I added this example here, as marmot 1333 mentioned he didn't know what he was looking for in the UI of gunsmith.

*Digressing side note; This is why I'm still holding on to a bunch of sunset weapons. Weapons that I loved using that I'm hoping to match up to someday. Oh... my poor vault.

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