Spies vs Mercs: Medieval Edition (Gaming)

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Before I get to the meat of the post, I'm going to ramble a little. If you just want to get to the point, start at the dotted line.

Splinter Cell. I've mentioned here before my absolute adulation for this franchise. In recent years Ubisoft has had the audacity to pull at those heartstrings, which has made my yearning for another game all the greater. Yearning for one last old school ride. Michael Ironside as Sam, and Dennis Haysbert as Irving Lambert. To dance around in the dark and the dark of political intrigue, without all the baggage the goes with it.

But... I "know" better. Ubisofts Board of Directors will do what they think is best.

Of all the things I miss the most though, is the very "Cat and Mouse" styled Multiplayer mode called "Spies vs Mercs". All these years later nothing I've played has come close to that style of gameplay. At my peak, if you went against me in Splinter Cell: Double Agent as a Spy (thus I was the Merc), you had to bring your absolute A game or I was going to kick you and your entire teams ass. Which in turn, made losing all the more enjoyable. Can't really say that about Gambit as it is right now in Destiny 2, where losing often just feels awful and nothing is learned from the pain.

Which of course brings us to the pitch of this thread.


Recently a game came to my attention that did something I haven't had anything do a long while; It got my attention and kept it. This game is called Hood: Outlaws and Legends. (Reddit Link)


Anyway, it's a 4v4 PvPvE multiplayer heist game. I know I know, that's also essentially the most basic description of Gambit, which may cause sudden indigestion for us in the pitch. Indeed, as is the meta of the current industry, this game is also online only. There are even roles to play, which also at one point gambit (loosely) had. Nothing too surprising I suppose as the concepts are rather "seen-before" general affairs at this point. Everything is a remix, right?

Anywho, the similarities fade after that, to which I would say the best description of this games concept would be "Spies vs Mercs: Medieval Edition". Roll Credits *DING*. Not totally one to one, as you don't play as someone trying to outright defend the goal(d), but instead defend it long enough to steal it yourself. To me that's close enough. Similar still, the play styles this game seems to afford both Stealth and (I'll call it) Brute Tenacity, depending on which of the four characters you choose to play. Two more stealth based, and two more (roughly) Brute based. I'm including the mystic here because explosions trend to be less stealthy.

All said, I'm posting this here as a first-call general invitation, as I am heavily considering giving this game a go. I know I don't have time to play all the video games I would like to play, old and new alike, because Stupid Adulting and its stupid! Bleh. I know by all odds there will be bugs upon launched inception. And there is always the risk the publisher will be greedy and this game will go the way "Evolve" sadly did. But despite my decades built concerns, I'm hoping this game will let me explore some styles of play I haven't been afforded to play with properly in quite some time. I hope that some here may be willing to join me in this exploration of play. And if It turns out to be REALLY good, well then... you may see me less on Destiny. Figured I'd give that heads up too.

I'll finish this with a video one of the two "Stealth" characters, for whom is marked with a rather familiar name.

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