Crossplay glitch (will be fixed at reset hotfix on 18th) (Destiny)

by FyreWulff, Wednesday, May 12, 2021, 20:25 (132 days ago)

Hey, so uh looks like Bungie is soft-testing crossplay on retail, and a way has been discovered (which i summed up in a tweet here )

It's a little janky and can crash, but here's how you do it. It requires you to have multiple platforms you can play Destiny 2 on, and to be cross-saved between at least those two. It works between all of them.

Steo 1) Sign into the platform you want friends to join FROM. Leave it on the character screen, do not select a character.

Step 2) Sign into the platform you want friends to join TO. Sign all the way in to orbit. The first platform will now show a WEASEL error; leave that error up on the screen.

Friends from the platform in step 1 should now be able to see you online there and join you in-game. They will be brought into your lobby on the platform on step 2.

Example: I want friends on Xbox to join my lobby on PC. I load up D2 on my Xbox and leave it at character select. I then load up Steam and log all the way into orbit. Friends on Xbox should see my gamertag as online and joinable, when they join they will be put into my lobby on Steam.

Interesting Notes

- A crossplay party is assumed to be a PC party for matchmaking. Bungie did mention this, but even in this state it's already doing this. So you'll get PC towers, PC players in strikes and crucible, etc. I have no idea what it does if just Stadia and consoles join together, though.

- You currently can see entire Steam names while on console. Not sure if this will make final, but pretty funny to see those on a console. It includes the ones where people have put game icons (weapon killfeed icons, etc). Stadia names show their hashtag number after the name.

- The game is aware if someone is not cross-saved, and greys out the View Profile button if they're not cross saved. If someone IS cross-saved, their View Profile button will light up and it'll show you their profile on the platform you are currently on, which is neat.

- The clan roster (on the actual clan tab, not the roster page) shows platform icons now. I imagine when crossplay is a real feature then this will be the way you can tell which platform someone is on.

- bringing console players to a PC tower or even orbit can cause them framerate issues. wonder what causes that.

Anyway here's a stream recording of me playing from my Xbox with two friends on PC if you're curious. We also ran some tests at the end - turns out you can tell when a missile titan is on a console, because from a PC player's perspective you stutter as you fly...

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