New season thoughts? (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Monday, May 24, 2021, 15:53 (118 days ago)

I’m enjoying it so far!

The armor synthesis stuff sucks on principle, but the system itself is so in the background that it doesn’t feel as shitty as it seems on paper.

The new seasonal event is fun enough. I still wish some of them were a little more engaging somehow, either through actual combat difficulty or through some light raid-like mechanics or something, but it’s a decent enough way to spend time shooting stuff.

Bungie has really been delivering in the weapons department since Beyond Light (and definitively prices Sunsetting was never necessary, in my opinion). I really love Chroma Rush (with Heating Up and Rampage). I’m still hunting for a good roll on a Gridskipper, but the gun itself feels great. It’s good to have Fatebringer back, and it feels great, but I’ll never be happy unless I get the real Fatebringer roll on it.

The Lightkin hunter armor set looks fantastic (except the boots), which is a nice change from all the crappy looking seasonal gear.

As with last season, I’m really happy with the story delivery. It finally feels like stuff is actually happening between big expansions.

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