Looking For Traveler Art (Destiny)

by Accio_Eloise, Saturday, May 29, 2021, 02:28 (115 days ago)

Hi Everyone!

I have an Instagram that I built a couple of months back that has just reached 1k followers. It's called thee_traveler.

I share a lot of my own screenshots and people tag me so that I can share theirs.
I also share official concept art, trailer screenshots, and fan art.

Any time I find a piece of fan art I like I ALWAYS name the artist and where I found it. (feel free to check).
The trouble with the Traveler is that people prioritise making fan art of the guardians and their ghosts, and so Traveler fan art can be hard to come by. So I was thinking, whether the traveler is in the background or the main event, I'd love to see some fan art you guys have come up with!

I also share images of ghosts and the Speaker, since they're all connected :)

I recently came up with the idea of the Traveler sitting over Minas Tirith and was very pleased with the result. (attached)


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