It's happening (Gaming)

by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Tuesday, July 06, 2021, 04:22 (30 days ago) @ cheapLEY

If you ever have the chance, you should play the sequel. The Last of Us II genuinely has some of the best stealth action gameplay of any game I’ve ever played.

I probably didn’t get far enough into the second to notice any big innovations in gameplay that cheapley is referring to. So my impression is that playing a Last of Us game because of a gameplay mechanic is like eating ice cream because you like the taste of the cones. The gameplay is good, but the writing and acting are what make the games worth playing. If that aspect didn’t draw you into the first one, I don’t know, man. While we’re here, the Empire Strikes Back is great but I wouldn’t recommend you skip the first one.

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