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It’s about the grind. The design. The philosophy. The free to play and pass model. I’m not coming back unless all this changes. I just don’t want to play a game that has to suck my time away before I can get to the fun parts.

I won’t really try to convince to to play again. Destiny is still thoroughly Destiny. The microtransactions are as bad as they’ve ever been, but they also feel more easily ignored than ever, too.

The grind isn’t gone for things like Grand Master Nightfalls (and is probably the worst grind Destiny has ever had), but playing a new expansion and getting ready for the raid is not a grind at all, provided you like playing the rest of Destiny. Naturally just playing new content and doing some Crucible got me ready for Deep Stone Crypt, with literally no grinding at all. I won’t pretend I didn’t play an absurd amount of Destiny in that time, but it was all highly enjoyable, and I didn’t spend a single minute of it playing only to get ready for the raid—I’d have been playing and having fun anyway. Your mileage may vary in that regard, though.

More importantly, though, I straight up think the story is worth playing for. I won’t pretend that it’s like playing a Naughty Dog game, or anything, but logging in even just once a week and doing the weekly missions in an hour and getting the new story bit or cutscene has been a pretty good way to engage with Destiny, even if I don’t touch it again for the rest of the week.

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