So what's happening? *Lore* *Spoils* (Destiny)

by squidnh3, Thursday, August 26, 2021, 10:14 (26 days ago) @ ManKitten

So starting up the new season, I have no idea what's going on. I'm never in tune with the lore.

Why/How is Mara back?
Did Mara know that Osiris is Savathun?
Are Mara and Savathun working together?
Are we working with Savathun?
Why is Savathun now a rock, and why/how is she talking to us?

Just in general...what is going on?

There are certainly a lot of gaps in our knowledge at this point, and I expect those be filled in as the season progresses.

I was a little surprised at the lack of fanfare for Mara's return. In general, it appears that Mara has decided to go along with Savathun's request to remove her worm, and we are going along with Mara's request that we help. Everyone seems generally to understand it's unlikely Savathun's request can be taken at face value, but also understands that Mara plays a pretty deep wheels-within-wheels game.

Outside of the game, obviously we all understand that given the announcement of The Witch Queen, Savathun is clearly not trustworthy at all. So there's a bit of "we all know how this ends, but how we get there is interesting" going on.

I continue to find Eris's absence in these matters to be notable.

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