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Here’s one useful definition of a great sci-fi fantasy film. It’s one in which the world-building is awesome but not more essential than the storytelling… Viewed in that light, “Dune” is a movie that earns five stars for world-building and about two-and-a-half for storytelling.

Sounds familiar.

1st: On the Dune (2021) side of things, there is as of this posting currently 27 reviews for this movie. It stands at 85%, with 27 reviews, that's 4 Rotten & 23 Fresh. This Variety.com review is one of the 4 current "rotten" reviews.

2nd: As ever the pattern, it is obvious there is some point attempted here upon Destiny because... erm... quota? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ... this take is increasingly out of date, if not by now rotten as the review aforementioned. Instead the discussion should be on how much Destinies presentation of story has improved in-game (at least for we mere mortals), but I guess hur-der Destiny bad still. There was CERTAINLY a time for such but is now, as I state again, is ever increasingly woefully out of date.

3rd: None of this needed to be said, and so for me to feel that my post is worth posting, I shall now pay the internet obligated cat tax.

Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

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