the first one was only one I got. (DBO)

by Claude Errera @, Friday, November 12, 2021, 12:02 (895 days ago) @ Robot Chickens

Don’t you love how emojis make everything in communication clear?

I hate them. A lot. I don't want to work at deciphering common text - if I wanted to solve a rebus puzzle, I'd find a book of them.

To be totally clear, I'm still running an operating system (MacOS 10.12.6) that's old enough that the DSC combo is a down arrow and two square boxes - those last two emojis are newer than my OS, and cannot be interpreted.

Which makes rebuses even MORE fun. /s

(I had to open the post on my phone to actually read it.)

I added the functionality mostly because it was annoying that it wasn't working before (I mean, all of the db encodings and display page encodings were right, it SHOULD have worked)... but I find their use in general to be barely tolerable.

I assume that I'm in the minority, because I'm old, so I make sure my grumpiness doesn't block their use... but I'm happier when people refrain.

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