The Gambit changes have been great. The meta will be tweaked (Destiny)

by Malagate @, Sea of Tranquility, Thursday, March 17, 2022, 06:30 (69 days ago) @ Claude Errera

I don't think making it easy to refill the life of the primeval when it now has the damage lockouts is very fun. It leads to matches that are essentially never-ending.

I don't mind the shield/Envoy phases at all. It's easy enough, especially with void, to come up with a combo that can one-shot each Envoy, and then you pivot back to the Primeval.

There's a lot of risk/reward considerations that come into play there, which I love. And if you're shrewd about using the heavies picked up after every front, or you're running an ammo finder for your heavy, it's super easy to arrive at Envoy phases with enough purple ammo to make quick work of them.

Nothing matters but your Primeval damage stack. The Envoys are the key to that. They are your primary target until you're down to the last third of the Primeval's lift no matter what. You can die to the invader, but as long as your team has a decent invader to keep it even, then whoever has the higher stack usually wins.

Definitely works both ways, but Eriana's is weaker than I'd like against tanky enemies (non-guardians).

This is why I haven't been using it. Yes, it's broken in the Gambit meta, but I've found it doesn't result in efficient enough builds for my taste.

Glaives, on the other hand... glaives DESTROY in gambit. More than in most places, which is silly, because they're great in most places.

I had great success once I settled on submachine gun (swapped between Extraordinary Rendition and Forensic Nightmare), the Enigma, and Gjally. I left the invading to others, but Gjally could handle the invader with relative ease, and the glaive took care of everything else.

That's a pretty mean loadout, I second the take on Glaives. I've played around with a number of different builds but I'm having the most fun with this wackiness in particular:

Bubble Titan (w/Shield Bash), Severance Enclosure, Dead Man's Tale (Vorpal), the Enigma, Falling Guillotine.

It has everything you need: Precision at range and added damage to Invaders, endless CQC viability, healing explosions to get you out of a jam if needed, and added damage to the Primeval (accentuated by Vorpal).

I throw on a Scout Reloader, which has proven to be a game-changer for me with DMT, I can proc Cranial Spike, reload a couple rounds, and keep the stack going indefinitely, which lets me contribute substantially to boss burn at range.

But where it really shines is in the final seconds of a match when my team is behind. I will use the Shield Bash for added mobility to close distance with the Primeval, drop a bubble just close enough that I can be inside and still hit (without blocking my team's shots), swap to Guillotine and go to town. It has pulled out some choice wins for me.

<3 Mal

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