Why is Korny's BS still allowed here? (Destiny)

by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Friday, May 20, 2022, 18:16 (40 days ago) @ Claude Errera


If you had courage or maturity or cared about my opinion on anything, you'd talk to me to try to understand me and let me understand you, instead of taking potshots here to entertain your little sewing circle of telepathic gossips. Take a bow to them, Korny. That's what this is about, and that's always what this has been about. I hate what you've done to this place, and I'm disappointed that Claude let you do it.

It seems super-unlikely that this is aimed at something specific (Korny's last post here was almost a week ago, and had no potshots that I can see), which makes it 1) out of the blue, and 2) super-inappropriate. I'm going to leave it... but I'd really love for whatever comes of it to happen somewhere else. That last post I mentioned was in a locked thread, and I locked it for a reason.

I've love for whatever comes next to happen somewhere else, preferably it being some kind of resolution. I've sincerely tried. Korny trolled me on social media. I blocked him for a while because he'd post stuff on my wall about things I'd never even spoken about--he was always quick to assume he knew all kinds of things about me and what I thought. And talking to Korny there was like talking to Triumph the Insult Comic--I never got the impression he was doing anything but using me as fodder for public evisceration. Regardless, Korny and Sammy were OG co-op nighters. I considered them friends. I assumed that if Korny had an issue with me that threatened our friendship, he would talk to me. He never has. Then I come here one day and I'm called names, the worst things are said about me, and I'm blocked from events. There's supposedly other people here who have decided I'm guilty of being a horrible person, and I didn't even know there was a trial. I heard only the verdict, not the evidence. I was never given the opportunity to apologize for anything, or clarify anything. Now i'm in a Kafkatrap. It sucks, and I would love find a way to clear the air.

Don't look for a post. Trolls hide their trollery in plain sight, and plausible deniability is their stock in trade.

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