Midnight Crickets (Off-Topic)

by Claude Errera @, Tuesday, October 25, 2022, 10:18 (634 days ago) @ rellekh

Unoudid, you've let me down.

I came back to the forum to see what the Swifties would say about the new Midnight album, and I have been DISAPPOINTED.

We all know that this is a Taylor Swift forum masquerading as a Destiny fan site. Where are you all?

It did make me stop lurking to ask...thoughts on the new album?

Hope y'all are hanging in there.

I'm not uno, and I hesitate to even weigh in on this one... but after not really caring about Taylor Swift, I found that I LOVED Folklore and Evermore, and so I gave this one a shot.

Feels like a reversion to her older stuff... and while the lyrics were clever, they didn't have the same emotional impact (to me) that the last two albums did.

Not unhappy I spent money on it... just not gonna listen to it all the time. :)

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