[THAB] D1 Iron Banner Armor is Best Iron Banner Armor (Destiny)

by CyberKN ⌂ @, Oh no, Destiny 2 seems complicated, Thursday, November 17, 2022, 15:20 (204 days ago)


Iron Banner Rewards

In Season 19, players can expect to earn a few returning Iron Banner weapons not seen since the earlier days of Destiny 2. If Auto Rifles or Slug Shotguns are your thing, Saladin has something special for you. Updated with random rolls, fresh perks from the last few Seasons, and the Iron Banner Origin Trait, we’re looking forward to seeing what rolls you chase.

That’s not all. It’s been about a year since our last Iron Banner armor refresh. We’ve seen some wonderful themes throughout the years. Inspirations drawn from ages past, focused on the looks of a true warrior. This year, we’ll be returning to some fan favorite sets, coming from an era of a Taken King...


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