Hey Strangers! Musical question… (Destiny)

by Mid7night ⌂ @, Rocket BSCHSHCSHSHCCHGGH!!!!!!, Wednesday, March 08, 2023, 15:52 (21 days ago)

Hey guys and gals! I haven’t been back here for quite a while, hope y’all are doin’ well.

I have a musical question, and I’m hoping that someone here will either 1) point me in the right direction, or 2) tell Marty and maybe he can help too. 😜

My son has been playing violin for almost 6 years now (started when he was 4), and while we haven’t played and of the Halo or Destiny GAMES yet, he HAS listened to basically all their music because, well duh it’s awesome music and I have it all on my computer.

He has a great musical ear and can pick up almost anything by listening, but obviously sheet music is necessary to really get it right.

My son’s birthday is in April and he has asked for sheet music. I kid you not!

I can’t find Halo or Destiny sheet music ANYWHERE. I don’t mean for free, I’m not trying to get around anything. So either I don’t know where to look or I’m not hooked up in the right circles.

If any of you know, could you help me find sheet music for the original Halo soundtrack and the first Destiny soundtrack for my son?

Thanks in advance. See you starside!

- Ben

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