Maybe Bungie can learn from this? (Destiny)

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I’m not sure Diablo 4 is a game anyone should be looking to as an example of how to do anything correctly, and definitely not in the way this article talks about. Would you really want to play more Destiny if it took away all your gear and upgrades and made you start from zero every three months?

I wish they’d learn from something like Baldur’s Gate 3 instead (based on what I’ve seen about it so far).

Two Things:

1: In the event that Xbox Series S doesn't screw things over, I will be getting Baldur’s Gate 3. My First foray into DnD!

2: Baldur’s Gate 3 is likely to be an anomaly, not a standard. There was a bunch of Dev. chatter about this a few weeks ago actually, in fact (which was then quickly picked up by the "be outraged" youtubers). Here is an unrolled thread talking about such.


Edit: Oh hey! Look! You scrolled down. Neat. It occurred to me that I need to say one more thing. Business types... are stupid. No stupider than the rest of us (in theory anyway), but the power they wield is often done so (in my experience anyway) in a very monkey see monkey do mentality.

What's that saying? I fear no man, but these fuckwads scare me. Or something like that, I may be paraphrasing.

Once the Game Industry STANDS-THEFUCK-UP and Unionizes like other creative industries, and "Crunch Culture" becomes a well overdue relic of the past, among other things, then yeah... let's hit it. Learn from something like Baldur’s Gate 3, indeed. But not before the gosh-darned meat grinder jaws that often get switched on to serve to shareholders on a silver platter get disabled and reworked into something actually useful for everyone involved, "meat" included. Otherwise, I'm afraid Mr.Nelson Jr. over here may be on to something. Unfortunately.

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