Adept Trials weapons now available to everyone. (Destiny)

by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Saturday, March 16, 2024, 06:13 (40 days ago)
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I've hardly heard anyone discussing the two new/Overhauled Trials Passages added to the game in last week's update. You guys should definitely be going for the Summoner this week, since if you pick one up with Onslaught, you will have the Doctrine of Passing from D1, and more (900 RPM Auto Rifle? Oh yeah...)
It has a great loot pool regardless, even rolling Incandescent for the PVE-only afficionados, and the adept version guarantees two perks in the fourth column, so you really can't lose! And to top it all off, it has Wild Card as an Origin trait.

On to the Passages:

Passage of Persistence -

Losses following a win remove the win from the card. Reaching seven wins rewards the weekly Adept weapon. Reaching seven wins without having a win removed grants access to the Lighthouse. This passage cannot be used to focus Adept weapons.

What this card means is that you can simply throw yourself at Trials, and as long as you eventually win enough matches, you're guaranteed the weekly Adept weapon. You can then buy another card and grind it out for another adept, not the most efficient farm, but Adept Trials weapons are on the menu now. It is slightly bugged though (according to Bungie), since you have to get two wins initially before you can Lock in the Adept for the seventh win on the card. If you lose either of your first two matches, you need to reset the card.


Passage of Ferocity -

If you have not gone flawless this week, losses after three wins reset you to back to three wins.

This one used to be fairly useless, just granting you a free win after three consecutive wins. Now, once you hit three wins, you're locked into a checkpoint, and your card can no longer be "Flawed", so you only need four consecutive wins to go to the Lighthouse. Want to change teams, characters, or return on another day?
You only need four wins regardless of what you do, and the Lighthouse is yours. You can then keep winning matches for more Adept drops (which have received a significant boost this update by removing non-adepts from the pool), or turn it in to Saint for a Focused Adept drop.

Summoner was already an S-tier weapon, but with the added perks, it has now even surpassed the Doctrine of Passing as the greatest AR in Destiny. Go get you one!

Also, I'm trying to reach out to an old team that have carried some less-than-great-at-PvP friends to the Lighthouse before. If they get back on Destiny this weekend, I'll hop online and shoot some carries to folks that I see on. If you've never been flawless, let me know and I'll prioritize you if I see you!

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