Xbox E3 Show (Destiny)

by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Wednesday, June 12, 2024, 19:46 (39 days ago) @ cheapLEY

I don’t want a prequel though.

I would have loved a prequel if it followed civilians as they struggled to survive, building up into what would become the first community of Stranded (something like This War Of Mine, but with more horrors beyond our comprehension and less stealing medicine from old people lol…. Or who knows, maybe throw that in too for the ethical choice lulz.

I’m tired of Marcus and Dom, who, by virtue of the story, should whine nonstop about Maria until he decides to completely forget about her for like 99% of Gears 1). I don’t like when neat and interesting universes get chained around the same dang group of people (one of the reasons I loved Hivebusters). The one upside to this is that we’ll have new characters that they can flesh out (Kim? Tai?). The non-Delta characters have always been neat (Bernie, Dizzy, the aforementioned Hivebuster crew, even Sam), so I hope we get more arcs from them, since there is a pre-baked limit on Marcus and Dom as characters.

I want to follow what happens after 5.

Bad news, man. I’m sure your Giantbombers have already discussed this, but the team working on the story for 4 and 5 is effectively disbanded. It’s apparently the reason the new team is tackling a prequel story before continuing a storyline that wasn’t theirs (hard lesson learned from 343 Industries’ mistakes). I’m a little torn on that. While the story in 4 and 5 was terrible, I wanted to see just how unhinged they were willing to get with it (especially with them having to account for the choice of who dies). Like, what was the VISION that was pushing Gears of War hard into the fantasy genre?

And Hivebusters gave me hope that maybe their writing wasn’t all bad (I can’t recommend Hivebusters enough for nu-Gears fans).

That said, Sammy and I will be there Day 1. Who’s gonna be in our Squad for the Insane difficulty run?
I hope they bring back Comet.

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