New Desiny Drawing Board - The Shrike (vehicle!) (Destiny)

by Phoenix_9286 @, Wednesday, February 12, 2014, 16:24 (3014 days ago) @ Xenos

So awesome. Check it out!

So Shrike is the new name for the Sparrow it looks like? I like it. Also can't wait to see how you can upgrade it!

It looks awesome, but I'm still far more interested in the Pike.

Are these speeders a class of vehicle we'll have the option to choose from? Or is the Pike an enemy vehicle we can commandeer? I haven't kept up with vehicle information really, has this even been addressed yet?

All I know is that since the moment I saw that piece of artwork, I've been in love with that vehicle, and I want one. It's all the best parts of a jet fighter mixed with a chopper.

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