[Userstyle] DBO Compacted Hierarchical

by Decom @, Tuesday, February 19, 2013, 16:07 (3136 days ago)

Another style for those of you who like to view entire threads in hierarchical mode* instead of one inefficient post at a time.



- Post title size reduced.
- Post title, author, and last edited all on one line.
- Boldness removed from author name/link (except admins' names -- useful for all you brown-nosers :P).

- Premature wrapping of post text removed; text fills width of post box.
- Whitespace after paragraphs reduced.
- Quotes delineated by solid line instead of large quotation mark image.

- Post footer size reduced.
- Footer separated from post body by horizontal line.
- Removed distracting reply arrow image.
- Boldness removed from reply link.

- Whitespace between posts reduced.
- Vertical lines indicating thread depth added.

- Comments in the CSS so you can change/remove the things you don't like.

* In order to have hierarchical mode as your default, switch the forum index to table mode. Or you could write a GreaseMonkey script to add 'mode=thread' to the links.

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