I think he's great (Destiny)

by narcogen ⌂ @, Andover, Massachusetts, Monday, June 16, 2014, 19:50 (2519 days ago) @ Beorn

I think both Dinklage and the Crucible announcer are great; I don't know what people are griping about.

Same here. I think part of it is that some people are expecting to hear that same voice playing a particular character and are then disappointed when that portrayal does not match what they expect. The very, very little we've seen so far in the trailers and Alpha gameplay simply doesn't give Dinklage the kind of opportunity for scenery-chewing that GoT has given him.

On the other hand are people who perhaps don't have those expectations, but believe that the actor was chosen based on the strength of that other role, and feel that this is unfair, or see it as an invasion of a property they link (Destiny) by one that is very popular, but that they don't (GoT).

Just a thought. Personally I think so far, so good. What I do wonder is how individual Ghosts are. Presumably all players have a Ghost voiced by Dinklage, but what about NPC guardians? Are they all just manifestations of a single personality? If so, is Ghost going to be a character as important to the plot as Guilty Spark or Cortana, or just a gameplay element?

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