Joystiq Talks to Jonty About the Dark Below (Destiny)

by Kalamari @, Waiting for Ghorn, FB, and BH, Saturday, August 16, 2014, 21:12 (2923 days ago) @ PackLeader89

Has any game done this before? I haven't really played any MMO so I don't know how it is usually done. The HALO and CoD DLCs are normally maps and maybe some cool gear here and there.

I wouldn't be surprised if there were Expansions and then DLCs. What would DLCs add you think? If Expansions add story missions, strikes, and possibly raids, are DLCs adding Crucible maps?

Well, I was thinking that expansions would have a broad focus and DLC might have a more narrow focus of content. For example, expansions would feature new gear, new story missions, new strikes, new raids, and new crucible maps. DLC, or whatever term they use to describe non-expansion content, might only feature content of singular nature, such as gear, without any of the other stuff.

I don't know if any developer has taken this approach. Mass Effect 2 had DLC that featured weapons and armor as well as other DLC that featured story missions. As far as MMOs are generally concerned, DLC in the past has been expansion only, but recently I think they have included microtransaction DLC as well.

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