DBO Raid: Vault of Glass, Oct. 4th, 9am (Fireteams Set!) (DBO)

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Alright everyone, here we go! Fireteams are listed below. All teams except Bravo are scheduled to start at 9:00 am tomorrow morning (Bravo starts an hour later), so everyone needs to contact their Fireteam Leader (first person on each team, marked with a ➤) and get them on their Xbox Live friend's list. Leaders, please be sure to add your entire team to your list so that you can send invites in the morning. We also have a few substitutes/alternates at the bottom of the list, so if someone in a group has to bail, send an invite to one of the people listed below.

[image] Next, everyone should go to the main DestinyBungieOrg clan page, join the group, and click the button that looks like the one to the right of this text. That way, if anyone does finish the raid, you'll also get an achievement for doing so with your clan!

And finally, the 360 players can ignore this last part, but Xbox One players may need to pay attention. As noted in some other threads, the Xbox One can get a little wonky when setting up fireteams, so I strongly suggest that everyone do the following steps tomorrow morning before the raid:


[image] DBO Fireteam Alpha (Xbox One) “Spurious Interrupt”:

[image] DBO Fireteam Bravo (Xbox One) “Extra Virgin”: [10:00 am Pacific start]

[image] DBO Fireteam Charlie (Xbox 360) “DBO Classic”:

[image] DBO Fireteam Delta (Xbox One) “The Force”:

[image] DBO Fireteam Echo (Xbox One) “Are You Experienced?”:

[image] DBO Fireteam Foxtrot (Xbox One) “Were it So Easy…”:


➤ Fireteam Leader (Raid progress is saved to this person!)
* These people can play on both XBO and 360

Original Post:

Alright, DBO, it's time to zip up your space suit and put that shiny gear to work! We're gonna shatter the Vault of Glass like it's a… vault… made of… glass. Right… Okay, here's the important information:

I'll be leading a fireteam either on Xbox 360 or Xbox One, depending on the response we get here for each platform, and we'll be setting up multiple fireteams for as many people as we can get to commit, so don't think you're out of luck if we fill up a roster! If you're interested and will be able to attend, please post a response with the following information in the subject line:

Gamertag :: Character Class and Level :: Xbox Platform (360/XBO)

You can put other information—such as subclass info or specific time availability—in the body of your message. We'll be putting fireteams together throughout the week and I hope to have everything settled by Thursday. As we confirm spots, I'll update the rosters below. If you don't quite meet the level requirements but think you'll be there by the weekend, you can of course post and reserve a spot. Please be aware that while we'll obviously want to get as far into the raid as possible, this run will be about having fun and putting together some quality teamwork, so bring the proper attitude!

Update: Response has been much greater than I anticipated, which is awesome! The teams below are a work-in-progress and will be shifting around as more people apply to optimally distribute classes, builds, and levels. Please be sure to check back later in the week for team leader information; teams should be finalized by Friday at the latest.

Processed applications are here.

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