Quick reminder: No magazine scans or paywalled content. (DBO)

by ncsuDuncan @, Wednesday, March 06, 2013, 15:38 (4067 days ago)

The latest Game Informer issue has a five-page article on Destiny. (If you're a subscriber, you can access the digital version here.)

I assume most of the B.org regulars here know, but for the benefit of newcomers:
- Do NOT post scans of the magazine in this forum.
- Do NOT screengrab or copy and paste content from the digital version of the magazine and post it on this forum.
- Do NOT post links to copyrighted materials that are still available for sale from their owners - even if you happen to live somewhere that you cannot purchase said materials.

This includes concept art, screenshots, text, etc. Anything exclusive to subscribers.

It's okay to discuss the information from such sources, but please wait until Game Informer releases a free version of their story before reposting things here.

Thank you.

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