TTL Party Chat w/ DeeJ and Luke Smith (Destiny)

by petetheduck, Monday, December 08, 2014, 11:50 (3454 days ago)

Go listen.

Some amusing comments regarding cheesing bosses, also some insight into why Destiny has a billion currencies:

- People weren't upgrading their Legendary gear with their Ascendant Shards, instead saving them for Raid gear that they hadn't acquired yet. This was keeping them at a lower level than they would be if they upgraded the armor they were wearing, keeping them out of the higher level Raid where they had a higher chance of gear, further keeping them at a lower level.

Basically the addition of Exotic and Raid dedicated upgrade materials is intended to make people feel free to use Ascendant materials on their Legendary gear.

There are other solutions, like ones that don't require materials, but hey! Now I understand.


- Luke Smith is dead against Raid currency. RNG For Life. Should be higher rate of armor drops in Crota's End with the goal of people having multiple pieces so they can customize stats, like focusing on Strength, Discipline, etc.

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