The joys of early announcements

by Xenos @, Shores of Time, Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 18:27 (2876 days ago)

To preface my post, I do not mind at all the way Bungie announces things. I love the excitement and speculation that comes before we learn solid details.

That said, I was listening to Guardian Radio's latest episode today and they talk a lot about the hype of Destiny and having recently read Narcogen's post it got me to thinking. Bungie is awesome at hype. They really get you excited about their next project and make you want to know more and more information. The interesting thing I though about though is I'm never disappointed by the final project because of their hype and most people (Halo 2 might be an exception, but it wasn't for me) don't seem to be disappointed either. So what I realized is that Bungie is very good at setting expectations along the way and it's not so much marketing as it is transparency.

Yes I am aware of how ironic it is to talk about Bungie being transparent about their development, but I really feel like their process is fairly transparent. Think about it for a moment. Bungie announces a game and tells you about all the things they want to do with the game. Then they show more and more about the ACTUAL game through videos and Weekly Updates and you start to get a realistic idea of what the game will realistically entail. That way when the game comes out when you buy the game you know what you're getting.

Maybe Bungie will deliver what most of our conceptions about Destiny expect, but I would not be surprised if when we get clarification we will look back and realize where Bungie was coming from with what they said.

This post is mostly just for discussion, what do you guys think? Do you agree, is Bungie good at setting expectations, or have I just "drank the Blue Kool-Aid"?

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