Bungie Day's Geomancy

by ncsuDuncan @, Monday, February 11, 2013, 17:22 (4078 days ago)

Okay, DBO. Here's the latest I've got on Geomancy:

Remember those seven symbols posted on Bungie Day?


Well, they're geomantic symbols. A quick glance at the Wikipedia page tells us which celestial bodies they correspond to. From left to right:

1. The Moon
2. Mercury
3. Venus
4. The Sun
5. Mars
6. Jupiter
7. Saturn

Now go check out the Wikipedia page for the Geocentric Model of the universe, specifically the section marked "Ptolemaic system". The seven geomantic symbols from the Bungie Day post directly correspond to Ptolemy's order of spheres!

What does this mean? I don't know yet! Perhaps there is some hint connected to the game, maybe it's something that will only become apparent once we get our hands on it. So far, the only connection I've made beyond Ptolemy is that his model of the universe was replaced by one developed by Tycho Brahe (and the name Tycho should be familiar to anyone that has played Marathon).

Your thoughts, DBO?

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