The first DBO Eastern Washington meetup

by Reconcilliation @, Imagination Station, Saturday, March 16, 2013, 01:24 (3851 days ago) @ Mr Daax

So myself and his beardliness, Chewbaccawakka, the DBO Spokane denizens, met up and ate sandwiches. Pretty delicious sandwiches, I might add, and the lemonade was very refreshing. We spoke of
ourselves, general interests, fan moments (his was so much cooler than mine), and recent storytelling in Halo. We didn't have much time to discuss Destiny after all that, but an agreement was met that we were both extremely excited for it. Second meeting soon to follow, presumably at another vendor of delicious foods. Any and all DBO members welcome!

A washington meetup, I might actually, finally, for once -

Eastern Washington

Dang nabbit why do you all have to live so far away.

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