Fractals! *sOT*

by Mr Daax ⌂ @, aka: SSG Daax, Sunday, March 17, 2013, 11:56 (3106 days ago)

Stumbled across this today. If you are fascinated by math like me, the whole talk is pretty interesting; however, the part I wanted to share with you guys begins around 10:50, and goes on to around14:00. You may want to watch the first minute or so to get the gist of what this guy is talking about. I'm not sure how much of a role geomancy, or the geomantic symbols, will play in Destiny. This mathematic side of them seems like something Bungie would use, especially with regards to the more secretive/easter egg-y parts of the game and story. Or, I'm just crazy and this will have nothing to do with Destiny. Either way, I think it's pretty darn cool!

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