Enemies in Destiny

by breitzen @, Kansas, Monday, March 18, 2013, 10:50 (2808 days ago)

I was browsing the destiny concept art and looking at the known enemies and caught myself thinking... Holy Crap; these all look they can kick the crap out of me! I realize that it's pretty early to speculate, but so far there aren't any "minor" looking enemies like the grunts and jackles in Halo (which is fine) but means I'm probably going to die a lot!

The Fallen are probably the ones I'm most curious about. With their four arms and all. I can't wait to see them integrate that in combat!

The Cabal look like they've love to tear my arms off (like how they were going to do with the brutes in H3) if I set too close.

The Vex look the least intimidating.... for now.

It looks like there is some unity between the alien classes (definitely between the Fallen and Cabal) but I wonder how much they will fight together vs. just fighting a certain species at a certain location.

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