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by ExigentContact, Wednesday, February 13, 2013, 09:27 (3882 days ago) @ Postmortem
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Here's my speculation, ripped from my Tumblr:

"This is probably representing the planet Mars in some fashion. The geomantic figure used for Tuesday's code is “Puer” or “The Boy” in Latin. It’s typically associated with masculine emotions and states, such as war and aggression, as well as Aries and Mars. The body text itself to me indicates that Mars is currently undergoing some sort of life-giving/returning phenomena, natural or otherwise.

Rampant speculation: the days will be counting down major locations in Destiny’s universe. Yesterday we used the Luna symbol, the body text of which seemed to be an observation of humanity more than anything else. Today we read about Mars—it’s red, is noted for its large volcanoes, and frozen caps (if they were to be melted, they would form an ocean large enough to blanket its surface). Roses are also typically depicted as red, tying together an altogether crimson imagery.

Rampanter Speculation: Each of the locations spoken about will represent a faction of Destiny. We know that there are at least five of these groups; Dead Orbit, Future War Cult (FWC), New Monarchy, Osiris, and Seven Seraphs. I believe that of the groups, FWC or New Monarchy have the greatest chance of being the faction of Mars. FWC for its very warlike name (befitting the nomenclature of Mars and the geomantic symbol’s meaning), and New Monarchy for its…red color scheme. The label "new" could also fit with theme of rebirth. I also believe that we will be ending with Osiris, since it seems the symbol for the Sun is going to be used for the final day, as Osiris the god is rather tangled up with the Sun in Egyptian mythology, though that may be a fairly tenuous observation on my part.

If anyone cares to offer expansions, corrections, or observations on my speculation, feel free, of course."

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