The DBO Challenge - Week 3: Musical Concepts

by ncsuDuncan @, Tuesday, March 26, 2013, 22:19 (4046 days ago)

The DBO Challenge continues! I've been busy unpacking from PAX (and sneaking in time with Bioshock Infinite) so this week's update will be a little sparse. I have grander plans for next week though...


Week 2 was a resounding success - if you haven't perused the thread lately, be sure to do so now: http://destiny.bungie.org/forum/index.php?mode=thread&id=5526#p5526

The Leaderboard

I've updated everyone's point totals on the DBO Challenge Leaderboard, which you can find at this handy URL:


(Please check the leaderboard and let me know - via email - if I made a mistake and didn't award you points.)


Deadline: 6:00pm EDT on Tuesday, April 2nd.

This week is fairly simple:
1. Pick any concept art image released by Bungie. (This gallery is a good place to start.)
2. Choose a piece of music that you think fits well with the image and post a link to a streamable version of it. (i.e. find it on YouTube or a similar site where everyone can listen)
3. Write a short poem or paragraph that ties the image and music together.

Available Points
Low payout this week: 1 point for participation.

Bonus Prizes
Two randomly selected entrants will each get one key to the "Smashmuck Champions" closed beta on Steam. (They were handing these out at PAX East.)


TLDR: post a piece of Destiny concept art, a YouTube link to some fitting music, and a couple lines of text before 6:00pm EDT next Tuesday.

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