The Last Sons of Mars: Prologue (Fan Creations)

by iconicbanana, C2-H5-OH + NAD, Portland, OR, Monday, March 30, 2015, 14:58 (3344 days ago)

The silent sundered halls still ring
With fated songs the dead still sing,
Still frightened do the sirens scream
In Charlemagne's whimsied dreams.

His many realms are burned and fallow
With their dead; culled, felled and sallowed
Corpses, now just ghosts wandering
In the legends of the fallen king.

His memories, ever seeking back
To rumors of his wondrous past,
Still ponderous; his soul's sojourn,
His journey, portends of return:

The broken king's old, ruined chambers
Echo of the born remainder
Pining for the wakening,
The break of Charl'magne's dreams.

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