Clovis Bray iPhone 5/6 Wallpapers (Fan Creations)

by Beorn @, <End of Failed Timeline>, Thursday, April 02, 2015, 16:00 (3346 days ago)


I created this iPhone wallpaper a while back and have been using it on my phone but haven't shared them until now. Figured that someone might like a Clovis Bray themed iPhone home screen, though. Enjoy. :)

Clovis Bray for iPhone 6

Clovis Bray for iPhone 5

When you set these up, you'll want to disable the Automatic Zoom feature and scale the image down so that it fits 1:1 on the screen, which will make the various elements fit where they're supposed to go.

Oh, and I shared this over on reddit as well if you like to vote for things. ;-)

Only tested on iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 with iOS 8. YMMV on other hardware or OS versions.

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