Banshee's Dream *Exotic Quest* (Destiny)

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*Once the player hits Rank 20, a Heavy Ammo Synth purchase from Banshee-44 has a small chance to trigger a message for you at the Postmaster*

"Guardian. There's something I've been working on, but I need some... off-the-grid assistance. Can't share much more through the paper trail, but if the concept of "mutual benefit" gets you interested, come see me at my shop. -Banshee-44"

*Going up to him and selecting "Banshee's Dream" quest from his inventory*

Banshee's Dream

Part 1:
"Guardian, mind if I share something personal? There's been... Something on my mind. Since I opened my shop up here, I've noticed that two things sell particularly well: Void weaponry, and Fusion Rifles. Especially the Void Fusion Rifles. Heh.
Anyway, this got me thinking, and I've started having these... flashes. Someone once told me that Exos don't dream, but... I'm not so sure. To tell you the truth, my memory's been wiped so many times that I can't tell what's a real memory and what isn't sometimes. And yet, the more I think about it, the clearer this memory fragment becomes. It's a weapon, my friend. One that should make my customers (and you in paticular) very happy.
First, I need a few Void weapons. Doesn't matter what kind; it's their cores I need.
I've got some contracts with Nadir, Cassoid and Daito, so they wouldn't be too happy with me selling my own custom gear, especially if it's made with their own components, so I trust that this can remain between the two of us?"

*Give Banshee Five Void weapons*

Part 2:
"Thanks. While I tinker with these, there's a reason that I specifically needed help from a Guardian. As you know, the Cabal are at war with the Vex on Mars. I've heard talk that they've been doing some tinkering themselves, namely with Vex weaponry. I've always said that if the Cabal know anything, they know guns, and I'm craving some of that knowledge. Word is that the Sand Eaters at the Rubicon Base have been experimenting with Void damage, so I need you to see if you can find me a working Cabal weapon that does void damage. It's gotta be a big one, though. We're going all the way with this gun. But be careful, they specialize in Solar weaponry, and I fear that they've been able to improve that gear already. Good luck."


Special mission:

The Garden's Spire: (Level 31)
-Solar Burn

During the fight with Primus Sha'aul, a Harvester will drop off a unique enemy, Bracus Thu'oum. He will have a Void damage Projection Rifle, and he must be killed before Sha'aul dies (similar to Xyor, the Unwed). Once Thu'oum is dead, the player can leave the mission without killing Primus Sha'aul (Although he can receive 7000 xp and a Vanguard ROC roll for completing the mission).


Part 3:
"Glad to see you made it back. I managed to secure a stable core from the weapons you gave me, Guardian. Word to the wise: always wear gloves when handling elemental weapons. I don't know how Voidwalkers handle this stuff without getting themselves vaporized. Anyway, this Projection Rifle will be perfect, thanks. Pretty sure I can use most of these parts to make a weapon that won't blow up in your hands. Um... By the way, if you happen to have a spare set of gloves that you wouldn't mind giving me, I'd really appreciate it."

*Give him Gauntlets of any rank*

"Thanks, friend. Once I figure out how they implemented the void core into this thing, I'll get to work on the frame. Check back with me in a bit."

*Wait until his inventory refreshes (every three hours)*

"Uh, Guardian... I have some good news, and some bad news. The bad news is that the Void core that you got for me is too small to power such a large weapon, and the one installed wouldn't be able to handle the output. I need some sort of larger drive with a heatsink for the first problem, and I think I know just where to find it. The friendly squid-head that visits us every once in a while sells Void Drives, on occasion. That should be exactly what we need, unless you can find something better. Let me know when you get ahold of one, alright? As for the second core, I'll need an Exotic Shard to be able to increase the output, but Xur should sell those as well.

Oh yeah, the good news... Uh, good news is that this weapon's definitely looking more and more like the one in my dream. If I can pull this off, you're going to be more than happy with the results."

*You can give him a Void Drive from Xur, or a Raid Sparrow (Timebreaker). You also have to give him an Exotic Shard*

Part 4:
"Perfect. This will work. Give me a second to install them.

Alright friend, it's done. Listen to that hum. The drive powering it will get a bit loud when it's charging, but don't worry, it's perfectly stable, just be sure to vent it after every shot. Now that I know how to make this, I should be able to get more out into the field, and considering how well Void Fusion Rifles sell, I don't think it'll be long before you see more of these out there. I hope this gets to save lives, Guardian.

You know, as many wipes as my memory's gone through, I can still remember fighting in the war. I think I know why I've been dreaming of this... If we could have had weapons like this, those battles could have gone differently. I couldn't help those people, Guardian, but I've always been hoping to make up for it somehow... Exos don't dream, he said... but look at this; this is my dream come true. This gun's going to be loud, Guardian, and I'm glad. Wake the minions of Darkness from their dreams. Show them what a nightmare is."

Banshee's Wail (Heavy Fusion Rifle) [Void]
Is it real? Or is it a dream? Can you believe in machines?
Outside, the beating sun. Can you hear the screams?

Charge Rate:
Magazine: 1 (5 base, 8 Max with Gear)

The idea for this weapon came from CyberKN's request; something that harkened back to the Spartan laser. My idea is that this weapon fires the bolts so quickly and densely packed that you can't tell them apart (appearing as a single beam). I've also longed for a Rail Gun in the game, and with the built-in armor piercing, this becomes a very unique Heavy weapon that fits that role. I also wanted to add another Void damage Exotic, and figured that it was a great opportunity to flesh out the character of Banshee (while keeping true to his established lore, quotes, and reputation). I thought it would be interesting to add a couple of twists to the quest by avoiding Crucible bounties and instead putting some PvE sacrifices and requirements that fit in well with the story (sacrificing a Void Drive/Raid Sparrow, doing a special story mission).

Putting things together, I wanted this weapon to be incredibly powerful, but have the caveat of broadcasting its presence with an increasingly loud wail for the duration of its extremely slow charge time (which can be used to intimidate Crucible opponents).
The slow charge time is countered with the fairly quick reload (and the weapon must be reloaded between each shot), which puts an emphasis on accuracy. The ability to shoot through walls can help clear out campers, although the loud charge should give enemies incentive to get moving (scaring Titans out of their Bubbles is a plus). That said, this is intended to be more of a PvE weapon, designed to bring down Heavy Units while giving it an element of crowd control. Perks are focused more on accuracy, stability, and movement, as the weapon is the only Heavy that I can think of that puts the wielder at an inherent disadvantage (although it has certain advantages over other Heavies, such as the ability to bring down vehicles at a long range). The weapon also has no scope, but the iron sights do narrow as it charges (since the front part of the weapon raises), making it easier to use at range with the ADS.

Aesthetically, I wanted the weapon to look like a creature that is opening its mouth in a shriek, to keep in line with the theme, and I'm pretty happy with the result. I also wrapped the grip and stock with a cloth that matches Banshee's scarf, since he did make the weapon.

Hope you guys like it!

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