Solar Titan (concept) (Fan Creations)

by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Wednesday, April 15, 2015, 04:39 (3322 days ago)
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SCORCHER (Solar Titan)
Everything burns...






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I've been meaning to make this, but this post inspired me to get around to it.
When thinking about the existing classes (for the Titan, specifically) I tried to think of a way that the third elemental class could distinguish its role, while supplementing the existing classes and feeling familiar to the character.

Strikers are an offense-heavy class, which specialize in assaulting enemy positions.
Defenders are a defense-heavy class, which specialize in defending their own positions.
For the Scorcher class, I wanted a mixture of both. One that could benefit from shaping the battlefield, turning an offense into a defense if needed. Ironically, I was greatly inspired by the ice-based Frost character from another game, which shifts the battlefield to turn encounters in its favor. The closest class to this is the Sunsinger, so I started with the Radiance Super as a template, requiring brains over brawn, but with elements of the Striker Titan, giving players the ability to focus on the brawn (Firefist, Feel the Burn, Heat Shield, etc.).

Scorcher is a class that can be either be quick or tanky, depending on build. Using Burn a Path, Arson, and Accelerant, for example, players can quickly cover ground, while ensuring that they won't be followed. This serves as a strong defense, as it can disorient enemy movement and deny them certain paths.

Contrast this with Firefist, Ignition, and Arson, which allows players to Blast an area with extremely powerful flamethrowers at the cost of speed.
This class is great against melee-based enemies (Knights, Thrall, BladeDancers, Defenders), but weak against ranged enemies, and enemies that can do large amounts of non-melee damage in a short time (Bosses, Strikers, Sunsingers, Gunslingers).

The important thing, for me, was to make a short-range class that could vary wildly depending on build, and wouldn't have an "ideal" set-up. With this in mind, I gave each node in a tier definite pros over cons, so people would be more inclined to have different nodes picked (even giving players incentive to look over at the Agility rating).

Thoughts? Suggestions? Preferred Build?

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