Arise... *Spec./Possible SP?*

by Leisandir @, Virginia, USA, Thursday, April 04, 2013, 16:56 (4128 days ago) @ Reconcilliation

70% water, and a pretty enormous percentage of that is undrinkable. Yeah, there are processes for purification, but depending on the scale you're talking about, that can go from inconvenient to logistically impossible pretty quickly.

Clean water is one of the looming threats our civilization faces now. There are plenty of places throughout the world that have limited or no access to it. It's far from inconceivable that it would become scarce in the future, especially if we're supplying intra-solar colonies. If the moons of Saturn have water, then it'd be a lot easier to extract it from there for transport to Jovian bases, or research facilities at Pluto, than to bring it all the way from Earth.

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