I knew this was coming (Destiny)

by Funkmon @, Friday, September 18, 2015, 03:09 (2220 days ago) @ Oholiab

I feel the same way. The Jolly Holiday quest as an example of an exotic quest is hard as hell played as intended. The Thorn crucible section was just peanuts. I had to play about 5 consecutive games with a k/d of above 2.5 to get it. If your k/d is any less than 2, you will probably never get past the first step.

I don't personally like the move to quests for guns if they involve a performance aspect. Some people are bad at games. How the hell are they going to get these guns? They probably won't. I'm not against prestige items unobtainable to some people, but when the game structures the exotics as a COLLECTION, that seems unfair. I'm sure it will turn out fine, but my first reaction upon hearing this isn't positive. We'll see!

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