I think I'm in that boat too... (Fireteam Builder Events)

by Mid7night ⌂ @, Rocket BSCHSHCSHSHCCHGGH!!!!!!, Friday, September 18, 2015, 12:41 (1718 days ago) @ squidnh3

I think Saturday is going to be a better option for me as well. What time where you thinking? Is anyone else in the same boat (seems like there's a lot of us light stragglers).

I'm signed up for the late-late-crew tonight at 10pm pacific, but I'm only 261 at the moment and not sure how much time I'll have before - it depends on when my son goes to bed. ;) Also not sure there were actually enough confirmed replies...

I'd be down to join another Saturday crew, unfortunately I can't usually play till 8pm or 9pm pacific.

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